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At the Château-Abbaye de Cassan, there is a 12th century Romanesque church, the last vestige of the Royal Priory, and a conventual palace which earned the name of a small ``Versailles in Languedoc``.

The origin of the Priory dates back to the 11th century, when in 1066, the Alquier family donated the church to some Augustinian canons. Then they founded an independant priory. After the French revolution, Cassan took on the title of Castle.
Through the centuries, Cassan was constructed, razed, reconstructed, burnt down and is still being rebuilt.

From 1953, various decrees were issued with the result that almost the entire site, and certain interiors, came under the classification of Historical Monument.
Today, the monument allows us to understand the importance and the radiance that the monastery may have had in the past.

The Château-Abbaye de Cassan opened the visit the 15th June 2018, at the end of the renovation of the roof.
You are welcome  for a visit, a guided tour for group, a concert, near Pezenas.

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