Cantarela choir Concert : on june 24th at 5:30 pm

La Misatango ou Misa a Buenos Aires

Was composed in 1996 by Martin Palmeri (from Argentina). All the traditional mass elements are respected (Kyrie, Gloria, Credo, etc…), but on argentinian tango tunes, which give an unusual, dancing, spellbinding rhythm. Palmeri succeeds in combining the extraordinary symbiosis between sacred music and latin-american tones -a secular and sacred blend, early scholar music and popular argentinian music in a contemporary language.
“La MISA TANGO” was performed in Rome during the 12th Music and Sacred Art Festival as a tribute to Pope Francis.

the Cantarela choir

Martin Palmeri
Born in 1965, he was taught by great argentinian and newyorkers maestros.  In 2003, at the Juan Carlos Paz Composition Competition, he won the 1st Prize.
A conductor and a composer of numerous works (operas, sacred music, cello concertos and bandoneon;..), Martin Palmeri composes a brilliant and strong music which transcends classical music thanks to the contribution of musical latin american traditions. He is also a vocal and instrumental pieces composer – the harmony of  ” Tango Nuevo ” form, including operas, oratorios, choral and orchestral compositions, inspired him.


Is a suite of six pieces by Carlos Guastavino.The lyrics, written by famous argentinian poets, praise a culture linked to Nature, plants and elements …
The word “Indiana” comes from the mistake which the first spanish sailers made,thinking they had discovered the “route to India”. That’s why the natives were called “Indians”.
The composer used the adjective “Indianas” which stresses their identity, their roots. These compositions will still remain as “Indian songs” – a reflection of the whole latin american continent.

Carlos Guastavino
Was born in Santa Fé (Argentina), where he is recognized as one of the finest composers in Argentina. His music is performed in every conservatory and college of music in Argentina. Because Guastavino has written so much music for so many different combinations of instruments, almost any instrument or voice can be used to perform his works.
He writes in a romantic-nationalistic style, and even though he does not incorporate folk music, his music is permeated by the Argentina influence.

Ticket 15€, free for children under 12
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