Sunday 21 July at 20h30 : Violin, alto duet issue from the Haydn Quartett

This year we are pleased to welcome two of their members :

Fritz Kircher, first violin,
Geschwind Olthoff,  alto


The Haydn quartet plays often concerts at the Esterházy de Eisenstadt palace (close to Vienna where Joseph Haydn lived and composed over 30 years) as part of the Haydn Festival and for the Summer-Matinées. Members of the group Fritz Kircher (first violin), Martine Kocsis (second violin), Geschwind Olthoff (alto) and Nikolaï New (violoncello), are following the musical culture and tradition of Esterházy and happens in most of all European countries, United States(Carnegie Hall de New York), in China (National Center of the Performing Arts de Beijing) and most of the Asian countries. For the Haydn century in 2009, the Haydn quartet played the entire 69 strings quartet of the composer as part of serial concerts in Vienna dedicated to his memory. Numerous works where played on first stage by the Haydn quartet who was chosen by the German Music Council to be the first to play and record a CD of contemporary work in 2012. The HAYDN quartet played in Turkey, Japan France and Australia and in Germany in 2016. In Japan , Australia , Paris and , of course , in Vienna in 2017 and 2018.

Ticket office is available at the Château de Cassan, we highly recommend to reserve at or
Ticket at 15€ , reduced price 12€


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