Painting exhibition “India Landscapes” by Tim Bickerton

In 2018, the Château-Abbaye de Cassan hosts the painting exhibition of Tim Bickerton that you can discover during the visit of the historic monument and during our events.

India Landscapes by Tim Bickerton

Tim Bickerton


These landscape studies of India evoke my memories of a road trip through Rajasthan. It’s a land of rocky terrain, farms and tea plantations, of waterfalls and bridges. The images were developed from miniatures. Coloured and textured areas are patterned with hints of realism, and the pictures become monumental in their scale.


On a balcony overlooking Lake Pichola, we watched as a firework display on a raft spread fans of light across the night sky. “Blue Palace Hotel” was painted as if from the rear of the building, with me observing in the shadows.



The waterfall paintings were inspired by a journey out of Mumbai at night. We stood in the carriage doorway, watching the limits of the city receding into the darkness. As the train lumbered into the jungle, the waterfalls appeared, catching light from the moon.


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